Australian Supplier of Post-Press equipment: laminating, spot-UV, foiling and die-cutting solutions for the printing, packaging and converting industries.    Established in 2005



Manufacturing and sales of CAD systems, as well as sales of related equipment, data management and image processing systems, automated drawing and sample processing systems, blanking and stripping systems, laser processing systems, water jet processing systems, automated blade cutting systems for die boards, automated blade bending systems for die boards, laser processing services (die boards, plastics, metal, etc.)

We also provide maintenance of the above-mentioned products, as well as sales of consumables for B1 and B2 sizes.

Paper size: 1,100 mm x 800 mm 820 mm x 600 mm

Unit size: 2,000 mm x 2,730 mm 1,700 mm x 2,330 mm

Unit height: 2,650 mm 2,650 mm

Two Station Design (Upper/Lower)

  • Stacks of paper up to 85 mm (3 inches) thick can be set in the Master Blanker.
  • The use of 3,900 upper pins makes it possible to remove waste even with complicated blanks.
  • The ends of the bottom pins are treated with a special resin, to help prevent stroke marks.
  • The use of previously created templates cuts time switching between jobs to less than three minutes.
  • Die board data can be used in a sample cutter to create templates.
  • The actual die cut paper can be used to create templates as well.
  • An automatic feeder table (coated with fluorocarbon polymer) is a standard component of the unit.
  • An automatic rotation conveyor, delivery unit, and automatic palletizer are available as options.
  • The Master Blanker and various optional units can be arranged in whatever alignment is desired. For further details, please consult one of LASERCK's sales personnel.