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Rima RS 610 HS

The RS 610 HS log stacker is the premier choice in automatic log stacking. Based on the proven technology of the RS 610, it is available in two versions – the RS 610-001 HS (magazine format) and RS 610-003 HS (formats A5 to A3 / “Slim Jim” to Tabloid). The RS 610 HS distinguishes itself with superior horizontal log building technology. The innovative log separation system simplifies the operation especially with difficult productions and many order changes. Perfect ergonomics are guaranteed by easy accessibility and by the separation of the machine into an operator and a maintenance side. With cycle times well below 30 seconds, the machine can cope with the demands of modern high-speed presses. The combination with a log palletizer or a palletizing robot allows integration into almost every application. The ZMR-option for short-runs avoids overproduction and short logs which underrun the minimum log length. A remote maintenance access allows for fast and cost-saving diagnostics and error recovery as well as real-time monitoring and automatic software updates.


  • constantly high log quality with different formats and papers
  • optimized ergonomics
  • easy set-up & operation
  • remote access for diagnostics, maintenance and software updates
  • well-suited for zero-make-ready presses (book & short-run applications)
  • low operating and maintenance expenses
  • ready for digital workflow (PPMS & Job Ticket)
  • ready for connection to the PL 86 log palletizer and the RS 400 robot


  • RS 610-001 HS specially designed for magazine format
  • RS 610-003 HS "MULTI" for a format range of A3 - A5
  • ZMR-software for automatic log length calculation and exact separation of logs
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