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Zip-TS2L Mark III

The Zip-TS2L Mark III is the most advanced and capable programmable finishing machine available. The Zip-TS2L is a completely new design featuring a guillotine cutter and two tooling stations, as well as, inline slitting, scoring, semi-slitting and perforating. The Zip-TS2L can run sheets up to 14.75" wide, features high production speed and unmatched finishing capabilities.

Using the Zip-TS2L, an incredible range of products can be produced in a single pass through the machine.

For example variable size table tents (die cut locking tabs, 3 x cross crease, crosscut and inline slit), door hangers (die cut, crosscut and inline slit), rip hangers (die cut, cross perforate, crosscut and inline slit), round corner foldover cards (die cut, cross crease and inline slit), Decorative die cut cards (die cut, cross crease, crosscut and inline slit). These are just a few examples of products that can easily be produced on the Zip-TS2L.