Laminating Film Supplies

The most advanced processes have been used to manufacture high end thermal laminating films of the highest quality. The benefits include durability, aesthetics, and post-lamination applications such as hot foil stamping, UV varnishing, embossing and folding. Designed for everything from magazine covers to display stands. Contact us to discuss what you need. Note: Graph-Pak only ships laminating film within Australia.


Matte Laminating Film

Non reflective matte finish to enhance and protect colours suitable for post lamination.

Gloss Laminating Film

High clarity gloss finish film designed for high-speed both-side lamination.

Super Silk / Velvet Laminating Film

Super silk / Velvet film have a unique touch for that feeling of luxury and exclusivity.

Scuff Free Laminating Film

Scuff free films offer a better resistance to scuffing unlike conventional film.